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Markup.ioMarkup is a new collaboration tool that will let you draw on any webpage that you come across, and communicate your ideas to others in a more visual way. Certainly, being able to draw a pattern highlighting where different parts of a design you are should be is a much quicker way to let the rest of your team know what you mean than writing a long email that can be misinterpreted to no end.


Markup is a browser-hosted application. You (and your coworkers) won’t need to download anything on order to use it. All you will have to do is drag and drop the relevant bookmarklet into position. From that point onwards, Markup can be launched by merely clicking on the relevant button.

When doing so, the Markup toolbar will materialize and you will be allowed to choose the kind of shape that you want to use. And I didn’t mention it above, but you also have a tool for writing text on the page. That is only obvious, but it’s best to mention it just in case. In Their Own Words

“Draw on any webpage with MarkUp to quickly share your thoughts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Visual collaboration is faster and certainly more unequivocal than setting down ideas on paper.

Some Questions About

Will more browsers be supported in due time?


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