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MakeYourGirlfriendHappy.comA fact is a fact: boys are not really brilliant when it comes to buying presents for their girlfriends. That is, when they do not forget about purchasing them to begin with (something which is horrible, but that is not really uncommon).


Well, someone has devised a site to put an end to all that. It goes by the apt name of Make Your Girlfriend Happy, and it can both help boys pick the best gifts for the girls they are dating, and be reminded about important dates well in advance.

Best of all, this service is provided at no cost. You simply sign up by submitting your email address when prompted, or via Facebook. And those who become users of Make Your Girlfriend Happy can also start receiving relationship tips and advice on their inboxes if they want.

In the end, each of us knows his own needs and shortcomings. If you feel your problems go well beyond forgetting dates and choosing gifts, then you are going to relish such a feature. In Their Own Words

Reminders, tips, deals and ideas to keep your relationship strong.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let boyfriends act and look the part without even having to try that hard.

Some Questions About

What features will be added next?


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