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LoanedGenius.comHeadCase Mind Maps offers users the most bohemian and freestyle mapping program around. The program is filled with cool graphics, colors, styles, flexible formats and branch options.


While the best results might not seem professional, users can take advantage of the creative options to truly express their ideas and plans that require more than black and white letters connected by boring lines. The maps can be embellished with fades, outlines, textures and components such as images, nodes, branches and text. Relationships can be joined by lines that really say something about the connection and groups of ideas can be aggregated together. The options for branches are extensive and include actual tree like branches with levels of density, pulse lines, zig zags and arrows of different size and share. The results are reminiscent of an old windows application but the options make it worth the fault in spiffy smooth images.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The creative abyss that HeadCase offers makes their site a trip to experience. The results might not be right for Wallstreet but for more relaxed organizations, these maps will surely encourage out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.

Some Questions About

Why do the graphics appear so dated? With the artisitic technology currently on the web, users will want to do their mind mapping with the most clean looking images available.


Author : Bruce Turner

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