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IsNowFollowing.comWhen it comes to social marketing, getting to some people is only possible when you being following/followed by others first. These are the rules of engagement. We all abide by them, like them or not. Yet, there are ways to turn the scales in our favor that much easier. And this site stands as one of these.


It is named Is Now Following, and it lets Twitterers do one simple (yet highly-useful) thing: share all their new followers with everybody else.

In this way, their old followers can get to know about any rising star that they happen to have befriended as of late and begin following that person themselves. And when they do that, they can share the new contact themselves wth their own followers. Their old followers will do the same. And the process will go on and on until all the people who could benefit from befriending that individual will have added him to their lists of contacts. In Their Own Words

Help others find interesting people and companies by publishing your newest friends to your twitter account.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast, almost immediate way to find cool people to follow.

Some Questions About

In which ways can followers be filtered?


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