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Gtdagenda.comGtdagenda is an online personal organizational application based off of the popular self-management program Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen. Instead of focusing on calendar-based organization, Gtdagenda is built off of “goals”.


Each individual “goal” is comprised of a subset of other mini-goals (projects, tasks, checklists, etc). It is Gtdagenda’s idea that you will use the program to track your progress toward a “goal” by using each of these subsequent features. You can set task priority and shuffle “goals” around based on context (for example, “errands” or “finances”). Of course, like any organizational tool, Gtdagenda does have a calendar and schedule feature so that you can map out deadlines and track anniversaries, birthdays, meetings, and the like. Gtdagenda features iCal integration as well as remote access from your mobile phone. In Their Own Words

“, web-based project and task management tool”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Gtdagenda seems more straightforward than other similar tools and features a much less intimidating interface. Because the “goals” are broken down into more easily accomplished sub-tasks, some users might find that it is easier to stay on task and on time. Integration with iCal and other scheduling tools is a nice perk, and, it’s free.

Some Questions About

There’s not really a good description of the product itself on the sight; there’s a tour, but it’s difficult to discern what exactly the primary motive behind the creation of this tool was. Additionally, it’s hard to say if Gtdagenda has the goods to set itself apart from a sea of other competitors.


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