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Gplus.toIt is only a matter of time before Google lets users have vanity URLs for Google Plus. But for now, it is up to services like this one to assist those who want to have more manageable URLs for their accounts. GPlus.To enables people to pick the exact URLs they want their profile pages to be stationed at. The idea is to make them more descriptive and relatable, and (as a direct result) more shareable. It is one thing sharing a URL that has enough numbers to measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon, it is another sharing one with your name and surname, or with the name of your company.


Again – nobody is doubting for a single second that Google is providing this service in due time. In actuality, I’d wager a bet that vanity URLs for Google Plus are just around the corner, owing to the immensely enthusiastic reception the service has had so far. But for those of you who can’t wait, this website is going to mark the end of all your worries. In Their Own Words

Make short URL for Google+.

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How long will it be before Google releases vanity URLs for Google Plus?


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