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GetWapps.comA fact is a fact: today’s average internaut has favorited more sites than it is comfortable to pick from a straightforward drop-down menu. Social networks, social radios, ecommerce sites… the list is endless, and so is the number of times that these sites are accessed in a single session.


It comes as no surprise that services such as GetWapps keep on surfacing.

In essence, it will let anybody have his very own start page, gathering together all these websites that he just can’t do without on an average day. The sites themselves are arranged in clear lists, and a marked emphasis is placed on providing users with a visual experience above all. That is, the one objective of the start pages that you can create in this way is providing you with immediate reference and usability. It is the polar opposite to opening a drop down menu and looking for the link.

A further functionality that is provided here is that of letting you have a single login for all your sites. That is implemented by supporting OpenID, and if you couple that with a certain social tinge that the site has (you can connect and chat with friends through GetWapps), then the service becomes somehow more appealing to the public at large. That might factor in the site’s acceptance in the end, because not everybody would feel inclined to go for a site that the only thing it can do is to compile his favorites together. In Their Own Words

“Getwapps is imagined as your central place on web. You can find applications & sites here, add your own apps & sites, organize them into visual quick lists and easily access them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The basic service (letting you access your favorite content in a snap) is supplemented by some nice social features.

Some Questions About

How can this service become even more enticing to the average Joe?


Author : Roger Hollings

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