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FitView.comA new company, FitView gives personal trainers a coaching and training platform that is sure to simplify their jobs to no end. Those who use this web-hosted platform can keep track of all their clients, schedule and share workouts with them, and monitor how they are progressing towards their fitness goals. Of course, trainers and their clients can easily message each other, and keep each other posted on what they are doing. If for any reason a class has to be cancelled, then the other will be able to know all about it on the spot. And both will be able to reschedule the class for later very easily.


And in addition to being available as a web platform, FitView also comes in the shape of a mobile app. The mobile Fitview application for iPhone can be bought at the App Store for $ 0.99, and it lets users do all that the web version of the service enables them to do in the palms of their hands. But note that the app can only be used if one has an active coach account with FitView, or an invite from his coach or trainer. In Their Own Words

The FitView team brings decades of consumer and professional product experience on modern mobile, desktop, and service platforms to the health and fitness markets

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What steps must a coach or personal trainer follow to have his very own FitView account?


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