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FiftySneakers.comDo you remember Quizinator, the platform that lets teachers and instructors create exams, studysheets and quizzes to use in their classrooms? Well, Fifty Sneakers is the evolution of that site. It lets educators do all that, but it also comes with some content management, networking, and sharing features of its very own. If you’re a teacher, it’ll let you build tests that can include not only text but also images and videos, and then have them shared in multiple ways. Yet, you’re the one who’s setting down who’s seeing what – content limits are determined by no-one but you.


A tiered approach to pricing means that a free plan is provided along with four paid ones, each coming with larger storage, student profiles and community management options. The four available paid plans are “Mini” ($3.99), “Basic” ($5.99), “Pro” ($8.99) and “Community” ($14.99). They are all billed monthly, and you can cancel your plan at any time. No fees are charged for doing so, and all the data that you’ve uploaded and stored is remaining in your possession.

Paid plans also come with some really handy features like letting you have your tests automatically graded, and access to public and private communities to import/share resources. In Their Own Words

Fifty Sneakers is the next generation of the widely popular webtool Quizinator. Fifty Sneakers has all the features that Quizinator offers, but it also includes enhanced and expanded capabilities for content management, networking, and sharing.

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What are the main limitations of the free plan?


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