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Encodor.comEncodor is a free application that serves a single function: encoding texts that can only be accessed if you supply a “key” word that has been agreed upon beforehand among you and the intended recipients.


The key word can have up to thirty characters, whereas the message can have up to four hundred characters.

Once the message is ready, you simply send it on its way and the recipient will be able to read it upon supplying this magic word.

If you are a bit concerned about the security and safety of the messages you send, then this site will be a good addition to your collection of bookmarks. And if you are a bit on the paranoid side (just like the character out from the classic Japanese comic “Welcome To The NHK”), this site is a must. The fact that it requires no login information (much less signing up) simply makes it all the more appealing for those looking over their shoulders every five steps. In Their Own Words

“Encrypt your messages.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free and simple way to message others out securely.

Some Questions About

What happens to the message once it has been sent? Is it stored on the site, or is it deleted?


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