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EmailCover.comI have a friend that changes his e-mail address every a couple of months. He claims the amount of clutter that finds its way into his inbox is maddening, but it doesn’t help that he is constantly giving his address away and disclosing it in forums and the like.


While I tell him to cut that down, I also understand why he doesn’t change his ways. He is a gregarious fellow, so that I understand he wants to socialize as much as he can. I was reminded of him the minute I came across this website, and I am sure that many of you will instantly think of one or two folks that could employ it as well.

Essentially, what it does is to you hide your e-mail address in an image. In practice, that means that spam bots will be unable to get it, and that the amount of unwanted correspondence that reaches your inbox will decrease significantly.

Using this service couldn’t really be easier. You just key in your address and bang the button named “Create image”. You will then be redirected to an image view page where you can procure the pertinent image links. As I said above, easy as pie. In Their Own Words

“Hide your e-mail address in an image.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Spam is always an issue, so that any solution that redresses the situation at least partially is a good one indeed.

Some Questions About

How configurable is it?


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