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Eggzy.netRecovering from a serious financial crisis often means going back to basics, and taking a more personalized stance when it comes to just everything. And that includes our food systems. The ones who created this site certainly knew as much.


Eggzy champions one simple idea, namely giving small flocks a more significant role within local food movements. In order to achieve that, the site gives flockowners a large set of tools for managing their egg production and recording their expenses, while enabling them to promote what they do within their local communities (IE, the people that will necessarily consume what is being produced).

Moreover, flockowners are provided with all the tools they could need to calculate the costs associated with any project that they are willing to become involved with.

In this way, Eggzy aims to give local economies a true injection of vitality, and do all it can in the eventual reactivation of the country. You might find its approach viable or not, but there is no denying that the idea is quite fresh in itself. In Their Own Words

Know your food!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tying to revive local food systems like this is an initiative that must be praised for its inventiveness.

Some Questions About

In practice, how successful can this really turn out to be?


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