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Dropdo.comDropdo is a new web-service that turns sending and receiving files online into something faster and more agile for everybody. How? By letting recipients have files visualized before actually downloading them.


Thanks to Dropdo anybody is enabled to have a file such as an image or a PDF uploaded, and turned into something viewable by the recipient using a supple web interface. The file is uploaded, a link is generated, and by sending that link over to the recipient then the file can be viewed without having to download a single thing.

And properly-speaking, Dropdo is more than just a file-viewing tool as it can also be employed to have music and videos previewed right on the browser. And in addition to letting you have files uploaded and shared, it also lets you copy and paste the URL where a file you want shared might be hosted and have that used to start the whole process instead. In Their Own Words

The smart file viewer.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it simplifies the sharing of large files, and it lets recipients view them without having to download anything. They will be able to determine whether they will download them to their HDs or not at all.

Some Questions About

What are the file size limitations to be observed when sharing anything through this site?


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