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DownForMe.orgWeb-based services have got a clear disadvantage over these applications that you install on your own PC, namely that you can never be sure what’s really going on when you can’t access them. The only way of finding that out is by taking to Twitter and Facebook, and begin messaging everybody to see if they’re facing the very same accessibility problems that you’re facing. But that is set to change for good now we have a service like Down For Me around.

A simple and straightforward web tool, Down For Me allows you to check whether a site is actually unavailable for everybody or just for you. This is accomplished simply by submitting its URL, and clicking on the button that reads “Verify”. Within seconds, you’ll be notified if the site is up or down, so that you can either contact its tech department and notify them about what’s going on, or begin figuring out just why on Earth you’re unable to access that site everybody else seems able to access.

And for every site that you check, you can see an up-to-date access ratio that will let you know how many times such a URL has actually been accessible/inaccessible to others. In Their Own Words is the best place online to see if a website is down for just you, or if it is actually down for everyone. With the huge growth of the Internet, and new websites being launched everyday, helps confirm when websites are offline so you will know!

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