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CO2Stats.comHave you ever wondered how much energy your website consumes? Every time someone goes online to read your site, they are wasting valuable energy in reading what you have to offer. If you’re worried about the world’s current energy crisis, then you should check out Co2stats.


com. To make things short, this site will track how many people read your site and estimate how much of the world’s energy is wasted in reading your sites. If you want to help the environment, you can buy clean energy “coupons”, to make all the energy used by your site renewable. I don’t really know how much this will help the world, but it’s a great way for the most popular sites to stimulate the production of renewable energy. To get started, just tell the site your websites address, and it’ll estimate how much energy is consumed. Visit the site today and get started with helping the world get through this energy crisis. In Their Own Words

“CO2Stats monitors your site’s environmental footprint and purchases renewable energy to neutralize it, so your visitors feel good about staying longer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a creative way to help renewable energy get a bigger market share. Socially conscious website owners should really love this idea.

Some Questions About

Is this enough to combat the energy crisis? Where do they purchase clean energy from?


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