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CatchFree.comResources like CatchFree are indispensable at a time in which the creation and release of applications has become more and more democratized, and even people whose technical understanding is not really advanced can create an app and get it out without really over-exerting himself. While such a thing might not be bad from a competitive point of view, it is bad to consumers inasmuch they end up downloading/buying apps that are up to no good. Well, that is what CatchFree is here to prevent from happening. It is a community where people can recommend the best apps that they have tried, and tell the world at large why they are a cut above the rest.


These applications that are more widely-loved are all highlighted on the homepage, and they are actually arranged by popularity – the ones that have received the best ratings all sit on top.

This community site can be joined by any person who has a story to tell – registration is inexpensive, and it is over in two or three minutes. In Their Own Words

Free community approved apps and services.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to find good apps to try, as recommended by people like you.

Some Questions About

How many apps are already part of the CatchFree database?


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