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Butns.comButns is a new technology that will empower you to display hyperlinks that are more intelligent, or richer at the very least. You see, using this site you can come up with hyperlinks that could direct your visitors to several destinations.


When they place the pointer over the word in question, a window will pop up displaying the possible destinations that you (as the webmaster) have preconfigured. It is all a mere matter of choosing one and they will be taken straight to it.

If you decide to create one of these enhanced hyperlinks you will able to do it very easily, as it is all taken care of using an interface that lets you specify the word, choose a style and pick a menu to go with.

When all is said and done, hyperlinks are the true foundation of the World Wide Web. Trying to innovate there can easily backfire, but the ones responsible for this service got it right. And while the service is not going to redefine the way anybody uses the Net, it surely makes for finding information much faster. That surely qualifies. In Their Own Words

“Butns enables you to add more destinations to each hyperlink on your website, allowing your users to choose exactly where to go to get more information.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let your users save time and headaches, and that is always a good way of fostering loyalty.

Some Questions About

How many links can you add at the same time?


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