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BookGoo.comSo you thought all those things you learned to write a good essay or pass a test– read, highlight, summarize, annotate, edit, write again– would be a thing of the past when real life came around? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), those skills are still necessary in everyday life. Collaboration and writing are crucial when conducting business, working on projects, or even submitting a simple CV.


Another pair of eyes is never a bad idea when you want to be at your best. BookGoo wants to take the old school highlight and markup with pen and paper to the web. With BookGoo, you can easily take offline texts (your graduate thesis, business proposition, an article on politics, etc) and annotate, highlight and share with others. You can provide comments and feedback on other people’s papers as well. It doesn’t have to be brain science either. Feel free to share recipes, music etc too. BookGoo supports all major formats and you’ll need to register to join. In Their Own Words

“Bookgoo allows you to upload, annotate, and collaborate with your offline documents in an online way. Putting your documents on our website is only part of the story. We allow your documents to be highlighted and annotated in the same way you would mark up a piece of paper with a highlighter and pen. Moreover, we allow you to then share your annotated documents with friends, colleagues, professors – really, anyone! In turn, the people you share your documents with can highlight and annotate your document as well and provide comments on your annotations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BookGoo is a handy resource for students and web enthusiasts alike. It makes it easy to write papers and get immediate feedback as well as collaborate.

Some Questions About

There are a lot of similar sites to BookGoo. Can it reach critical mass? Will users like what they see?


Author : Bruce Turner

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