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BookBump.comDo you have many leather-bound books? Does your office smell of rich mahogany? If you, you might want to invest in an online tool for managing your library, like the service offered by BookBump. BookBump offers several features which let you seamlessly keep track of your collection online or check out what else is out there.


To get BookBump working for you, register for free and start building your collection. For each book you own, you can enter in the title, author, reading dates, location (e.g. “bedroom bookshelf”), if you’ve borrowed the book or lent it to someone else, and any notes you may find helpful, etc. You can also search your database of books once you’re done building it, as well as create categories for your titles to aid with organization. If you’re looking to expand your collection, you can get some help in doing so using BookBump’s book review tools which aggregates reviews from across the net for your convenience. See something that piques your interest? Find out how much the book will set you back using BookBump’s price comparison tool, which gathers pricing info from sites like Amazon and eCampus. Lastly, if you’re going to be using your books for scholarly purposes, you’ll be happy to know that BookBump has an auto-generating bibliography feature. In Their Own Words

“BookBump was founded in December 2006 in Beverly Hills, California with the purpose of giving book lovers a simple and elegant, yet comprehensive product. BookBump is not your ordinary book-management resource. Rather, it fuses the simplicity of traditional desktop applications with the accessibility of the Internet. Its rich user interface allows for intuitive navigation, while its numerous features give users everything they may need”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BookBump’s rich interface makes cataloguing, searching for, and aggregating your books a breeze. The app comes with all sorts of handy tools and tricks that make organizing and expanding your library a lot easier; in particular the auto-bibliography feature is useful.

Some Questions About

While this is certainly a good idea, I question how many people own enough books to justify the use of this application. Moreover, even if somebody have a real need for such a library organizer, he or she might be overwhelmed with the cataloguing process; if you own more than 20 books, it’s going to take you a while to enter in all of the information about your collection.


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