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BioIsChanged.comA service that’s mainly aimed at those who use Twitter professionally, BioIsChanged lets you know when any of your contacts has changed his bio or his profile picture. You’ll know as much by way of an email that will be send to you the minute the person has changed anything. The idea is to let those who use Twitter to market products and promote services always know where these contacts they’re developing a relationship with can be found.


Of course, you’ll also know when they’ve got a new job, or when they’ve moved into a new city. All the kind of information that a person submits to his Twitter profile can be monitored using this service.

Alternatively, instead of receiving an instant notification you can receive an email at the frequency you see fit. You can get either a daily or a weekly summary listing all the people who have changed their bios and/or pictures.

It goes without saying that BioIsChanged is a free service, and that in order to use it you have to sign in with your Twitter identity. In Their Own Words

Get instant updates of your Twitter friends. If someone you follow changes his or her bio or profile image you get an instant, daily or weekly email summary.

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What about letting you receive notifications by ways other than email?


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