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BetaEasy.comWe can define BetaEasy as a management system for customer feedback. If you have ever released a site of your very own and tried to gather the different opinions that are bound to pour in during its beta stage then you already know how vital this can turn out to be.


And if you have never done so, it doesn’t take that much to realize any service which is marginally interesting will draw a strong influx of people who might be very imaginative and cooperative at the same time.

This service makes for collecting all these opinions and having them presented in an ordered way, with recurrent concerns and comments being highlighted for you to move fast and tend to them. The feedback itself is always keep relevant since you provide your users with forms that leave no room for misunderstandings.

It must be mentioned that you can employ this system to test not only websites but also desktop applications. You can get started for free, and if you outgrow that plan and need a bigger number of projects and full data import/export capabilities you can upgrade to any of the paid accounts that are featured. In Their Own Words

“Customer feedback & beta management service.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

When a team launches a product (any product) it faces one of the greatest endurance tests of it all. This service can make things just that little smoother.

Some Questions About

Can applications of every kind be tested through this system?


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