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AnnualLeave.comIn a nutshell, this is a web-based tool that will enable any employer to track annual and sick leave within any specific period of time. By way of the provided dashboard, anybody can track the absences of those that work for him, and ensure that everything is going according to schedule.


The provided interface makes registering a leave very easy – it is all taken care of by dragging and dropping the relevant element into the calendar which is provided, whereas a clear advantage of the site is that both part time employees and shift workers are accounted for.

As it is only fit, reports can be produced in a very simple way – all you do is set a couple of parameters and click on a button in order to have it all displayed and ready to be printed.

You can sign up for a free subscription on the site, and give this system a good try in order to determine if it can turn out be what your company needs in order to run more smoothly or not. And since it is completely configurable and brandable you can integrate it as much as you want in case all is fine. In Their Own Words

“ is the easiest and most flexible way for any organisation to manage their employees absences. is an easy-to-use on-line application which enables you to track annual leave and sick leave with the minimum of time and effort.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a tool, it gives every employer a ready chance to take care of something as time consuming as tracking leaves and absences in a practical fashion.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost?


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