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3x3Links.comIf you are looking for a way to have a smoother experience when it comes to browsing the WWW, then a site like 3×3 Links will probably be in your wavelength. You see, it will let you organize these sites that you visit more often and access them in a really fast way.


The way it all works is by letting you speed-dial these sites that are your favourites. That is, once you launch the application these sites whose links you have predefined will be displayed in 9 different cubicles, and they will become browsable using the number pad in your keyboard. This is obviously faster than using your mouse to point and click on the relevant icon.

Note that the images that are displayed in each one of these spaces are not actual thumbshots but rather the logos of the sites. That is, it is easy to spot what is what even from across the room. And if the logo is missing, you can simply upload it yourself.

In final place, it is important to stress that you can have more than one 3×3 Links page to go with. This way, you can keep you hobbies separated from your professional life and viceversa. In Their Own Words

“Speed-dial-style browser start page.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is not that radical if you think about it, but it can let you save a sizable amount of time. That definitely counts.

Some Questions About

How many 3×3 Links pages can you have in practice? How do you swap one for the other?


Author : Roger Hollings

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