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Viinyl.comViinyl takes a wildly radical approach to how music is promoted online. In essence, users of Viinyl are allowed to create an individual website for each song that they have. So, if Ray Davies were to use this service he would be creating about 350 pages in order to promote all the music that he recorded with The Kinks. Radical, huh?


Each site that is created can include everything from lyrics and artwork to videos, notes and several download options for fans to get the song in the way that suits them best. And the artist is provided with tons of different promotional tools and analytics for measuring the true impact of the page he has created, and learning which social channels are bringing in the biggest number of visitors. In this way, he will be able to determine how to approach any further Viinyl site that he creates.

So, Viinyl is a very novel service that I also happen to find really useful. I think it has got what it takes to let any one-hit wonder capitalize on his success, and (hopefully) find the best way in which to tackle a follow-up single. In Their Own Words

1 song, 1 site, 1 URL.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will make bands and solo artists gain the kind of selectivity that goes into ensuring no filler material will ever blight their records.

Some Questions About

In which ways is the beta version of Viinyl limited?


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