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Twitmatic.comIn a nutshell, Twitmatic is a new service whereby you can see a real-time stream of these videos that are doing the rounds on the Twitterverse. These start playing the moment you land on the site, and should the current one not cut it for you, then you simply click on the “Next” button and see a different one.


Conversely, if you feel the current video is interesting you can always vote on it by clicking on the “Tweet this video” button. These votes are actually quite important, as they will determine what it is those who first visit the site will see.

Other than that, it is interesting to stress that the site has been brought to us by the Ffwd team. The name will certainly ring a bell with those keen on online video since they provide a recommendation system and a platform for creating and sharing channels online. This new application, then, is nothing but a natural evolution of the services they offer. Hopefully, the site will become a sort of filter that will let anybody find the really interesting stuff on Twitter and avoid the videos that are best left alone. In Their Own Words

“Watch the videos being shared on Twitter right now!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the most direct way devised so far for finding the videos people are currently tweeting.

Some Questions About

What features should be added as soon as possible? What should be improved?


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