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Tunebirds.comA service for those whose heads are something comparable to jukeboxes that start playing music when anything happens to them, Tunebirds is here to let them share all these songs that have any significance on their lives. Users of this web application can proceed to have both individual songs and full playlists shared with all their Twitter followers. It is as simple as specifying what one wants to have shared, and sending it out by clicking a button.


Of course, a service like this one is not really limited to people who live for music as I said at the beginning. Those who love music but don’t go to extremes will also be able to use it when they can’t get a song out of their heads. And people who want to recommend new songs to others will also find it practical.

So, the site feels (and works) like a sort of Twitpic for music. Which is not a “new” service in the strictest sense of the word – and have been doing the same for some time already. But Tunebirds has a smoother interface, so that the role it can play on the online sharing of music might be even bigger. Time will tell… In Their Own Words

Tunebirds lets you share songs and playlists on Twitter.

Some Questions About

How is the site going to be marketed? Where is it meant to be promoted?


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