search cancel – Make YouTube Fun Again – Make YouTube Fun AgainSince YouTube made the jump from internet obscurity to mainstream appeal, a lot of people have started to upload videos to it. The downside to this is, most of those videos are not good.


Luckily, the guys at have come up with a way to let us enjoy YouTube while laughing at it. All you have to do is search for any video you saw on YouTube. After you found the video you want to make fun of (or make more fun), you can start adding text bubbles, noises, and things of that cartoonish nature to make the videos truly hilarious. With the site’s features, you can make your videos much better. For instance, the site will allow you to comment on a video you find funny or a video you made (just like the director’s commentary on a DVD). On the whole, this site puts a new spin on YouTube. It should be interesting to see how far they take the concept. – Make YouTube Fun Again In Their Own Words

“We think making fun of Youtube videos is fun, so we decided to make our own site for people to use to make cartoons out of ANY Youtube video.”

Why – Make YouTube Fun Again It Might Be A Killer

Besides being hilarious, this is really useful. People who like to edit video, should find this a great resource to make quick edits online.

Some Questions About – Make YouTube Fun Again

Are the features enough to keep people interested? Is there a limit to the number of videos you can edit? – Make YouTube Fun Again


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