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Rollip.comThere are many sites that will let you take a picture of yours and have some fun with it, either because you want to turn it into a gift of sorts or because you have nothing better to do in order to while away some hours. That is the case of this website.


Found at, it will allow you to create Polaroids from any photograph you have at hand and put it to the uses you wish. Of course, this rules out “fun” uses, and the end results resemble a professional work more than anything, not something that will result in leg-pulling, tomfoolery or even a few laughs.

Using the site is as simple as A-B-C. You simply specify the picture you want to have as a Polaroid, and the corresponding effects to go with it (you are given a choice between a small or large Polaroid). Once the process has been carried to completion, you can easily download the photograph, print it and place it on your desk or wherever you want people to remark “Ah, that’s you! You looked so much younger then!”. In Their Own Words

“Create Polaroids from your photos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones looking into adding some character into their pictures are certain to derive some uses from it.

Some Questions About

Can you convert several pictures at the same time?


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