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Rifflet.comEver hit a rut in which all your creative juices just suddenly ran dry? It happens to everyone. If you happen to be a musician and have some odds and ends as far as musical stuff, goes, you could post it up on Rifflet the self dubbed ‘home for unfinished songs’.


A rifflet is a song piece—a beat, a guitar riff, an fragment of a melody. Musicians can upload their rifflets, provided they are short, little things, no more than a minute in length, and then mix it up with other rifflets or proto-songs on the site. Other people can then have a go with your rifflet and some beautiful music could be in the making. All uploaded bits are covered by some variation of the Creative Commons license. The site has got a useful recording guide for new comers and you’ve got user profiles on the networking side. In Their Own Words

“A rifflet is a piece of a song–a bass line, a guitar riff, a drum beat or something else entirely. Share your rifflets and combine them with others, or even upload a finished song.
Here’s the catch: every rifflet must be less than 60 seconds. The idea is to only upload a part of a song, or an idea for a song, or just a couple of guitar chords you think are cool. Then, you can download parts of other people songs (like a drumbeat) that you can combine with your ideas.
If you’re a dj, you can use all these great pieces of proto-songs for remixes without worrying about royalties or copyright restrictions, because these sounds are all on this site for the purpose of being remixed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

All in all Rifflets is a handy, open space for musicians especially DJs to collaborate and enhance their music. The design is minimal but in a good way. Tools are relatively easy to use and there’s a guide to help you work the kinks out.

Some Questions About

Some may bemoan Rifflets lack of social features. Users may be interested in knowing more about the people they’re sharing their music with. Also, it’s difficult to tell what sort of license each clip has; it should be more apparent so that users will be able to search better.


Author : Siri Marshall

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