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PicWing.comPicWing takes the concept of sharing pictures into another dimension. Through the site, you’ll be able to seamlessly share pictures with your family, and they don’t necessarily have to be in front of their computer to see them.


On the site, you’ll be able to learn about the many ways your family and friends can enjoy their images. The Chumby (a living room picture receiver) will allow you to have updates every time someone you follow sends you a picture. For instance, you can buy one for your mother and send her pictures right over the phone, without having to take the time to email them or have her receive them. For the more stylish crowd, there is a picture frame that works much like the Chumby. If you’re not into buying new peripherals to enjoy your pictures, you’ll be able to download the free software and get updates on your computer every time someone sends you a new picture. In Their Own Words

“Keep your parents updated, send pictures instantly to their desktop!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

We all love to share our pictures. This site let’s us do that , without having to take the time to upload them onto our computer.

Some Questions About

Will people take to buying the Chumby and similar objects? Without these items, isn’t the service like Flickr or Picasa?


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