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Mougg.comTired of having your music collection spread across several devices and websites? Every music lover is, really. We always end up having all the songs but the one we need at hand when we want to show somebody that obscure band we have discovered, and the person accedes after half an hour so that we shut up for good.


But help is as at hand in the shape of applications like Mougg. Essentially, this companies provides everybody with 1 GB to host his music in the cloud

This effectively means that you could keep your entire music library in a place where you could access it, no matter where in the world you are located. As long as you have a web-enabled device at hand, you will be able to find any song of yours and listen to it.

And Mougg also puts an end to the syncing and the transferring of music to several computers. Just one web application is employed to handle everything. In Their Own Words

Your music in the cloud.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music adepts will love it – they will be able to access their whole collections from anywhere, without needing to sync anything up.

Some Questions About

Can you have more storage if you need it?


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