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Kroogi.comWhen discussing the pros and cons of the Internet, the temperature always gets too hot to handle as the word “piracy” surfaces. And that is always going to happen as long as people who were used to older revenue models are around.


For the time being, we have systems like iTunes that charge fixed rates for giving the user access to what he wants to listen to, and (at the other end of specter) illegal download systems like torrents and file sharing services that effectively mean the performer doesn’t get a penny.

This new marketplace aims to stand somewhere in the middle by letting artists charge what is fair for their music, as judged by the listener. This means that you can upload a song here and let the consumer pay the price he deems as reasonable for it.

People are known to empathize with such behavior – they always go “Ah, this guy just wants to have his music spread around and listened to by everybody”. So, charging what might be a negligible fee for your art could set the scene for something far, far bigger in due time.

Also, there are songs such as B-sides that are not that epochal to begin with, no matter how much the ones who come up with liner notes on B-sides compilations insist on telling us. A framework like this one could be perfect for disseminating that kind of music, and keeping everybody happy. After all, a true fan wants to get his hands on everything his role model artist releases. In Their Own Words

“ is a content community where musician, artists, writers and photographers post copyrighted songs, art, images, books, and build social circles of fans who download and compensate them for it based on a “Pay What You Want” model.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Giving consumers the chance to pay for what they will listen to always creates a stronger link between them and the actual performer. Plus, middle men are kept at bay.

Some Questions About

Is this really the first site of its kind? Aren’t others that do something similar to a bigger or lesser extent?


Author : Roger Hollings

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