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GameZombie.tvIf you’ve lost faith in the current state of videogames, don’t fret. Over at Gamezombie.


tv you’ll be able to find reviews for games that are worth playing, no Olsen twins videogames reviews here. The site has reviews and previews for the games that will change the way you think about videogames. The reviews are in video format, so you don’t have to worry about having to read through tedious reviews. Just sit back and watch videos on your favorite games and upcoming releases. The videos are very fun to watch and refresh the concept of videogame reviews and news coverage. After you start enjoying this site, you’ll find it hard to go back to regular videogame sites. The mix of videogame reviews with industry news all put forth in video format make this one of the most interesting videogame sites on the internet. There’s no telling what this could become if it were to grow more. In Their Own Words

“We owe it to the remaining members of humanity, staring into the abyss, to carry forth the torch of civilization against this cruelest of odds. We owe it to the memory of mankind’s triumphs over adversity and to the unwavering spirit of freedom–we owe it to Frank West–to continue to play video games and produce quality video game reviews in this, this darkest of hours.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Besides being greatly informative, this site is really fun. Videogamers should check it out and learn all they can about their favorite games.

Some Questions About

Do they plan on expanding to more styles of reviewing?


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