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FreeVideoConversion.netTrue to its name, the Free Video Conversion website will let you take as many clips as you want and have them converted into formats that (for example) could be reproduced on mobile devices, or on computers that are a bit limited in terms of hardware.


That process is as simple as uploading your video and then choosing the output format that would work for you.

Avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, flv, mp4 and ogg are just some of the many formats that are currently supported.

Some might complain that the upload limit is a bit constricting, and they would be definitely right – you can’t upload files bigger than 40 MB. That reduces the files that you are converting mostly to music videos and clips that are short by definition, like skits and so on.

Also, I feel that forcing you to upload the file yourself in each and every case is not that wise. You should also be able to specify a URL and have the video processed like that. These are some things that should be addressed as soon as possible, if only because most sites that compete with this one offer all these options and features. In Their Own Words

“Free video conversion.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free tool, and it is quite useful in spite of the issues that are mentioned in the second half of the review.

Some Questions About

Will the site ever be improved beyond this point?


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