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EnglishCentral.comEnglish Central provides English students with a fabulous chance to hone their skills. Essentially, on the site they will be able to watch videos and then practice speaking through their microphones. Using proprietary technology, English Central will be able to evaluate their pronunciation and timing, and produce a list of highlighting these aspects where there is room for improvement.


The videos that can be watched through the site are really encompassing in terms of scope, and to say that people from all walks of life and with all kind of priorities will get something out of this site is to make an understatement. Just look at the existing list of categories: Business, Daily Life, Environment, Sports, Education… these are just a handful of the categories that are available, and they already showcase the suitability of the site both for professional and non-professional users. And as it is only fit, the difficulty level of the videos you will watch can be set. On this site, then, you are getting what you need in the very same way you need it. In Their Own Words

EnglishCentral aims to revolutionize online language learning by turning popular web videos into fun and effective language learning experiences. Choose a video you want to WATCH and benefit from the accurate captions and context-specific dictionary we provide. Then, SPEAK the video! Our proprietary speech recognition technology provides instant feedback on your pronunciation. Finally, our platform keeps track of your progress over time and enables you to compete with other learners on our Scoreboard.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody practice his spoken English until he becomes as proficient as he is keen on becoming.

Some Questions About

Which categories have the largest number of videos?


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