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Charts.fmA music nut like me couldn’t get his hands on a better service. As the title of the review says, it lets anybody come up with his own radio charts by remixing radio stations and creating playlists showcasing his tastes.


In theory, this means that now it is possible for me to “tune in” and listen to The Who followed by XTC, Richard Thompson, The Divine Comedy and They Might Be Giants. As any person who has even a fleeting interest in music would tell you, the chances of that happening when you turn on your stereo are simply non-existent. What makes it all the more interesting is that others can listen to your charts as well. This was obvious, of course, but I had to mention it because of the endless discovery possibilities it implies.

More icing is added to the cake by letting you watch music videos and read biographies online. Lyrics are also included, as it should be – they are vital when you listen to artists like Dylan, Cohen and Wyatt.

I have really taken a shine to the site, but that was to be expected from a music lover like me. Still, I am certain that if you approach it with the most objective frame of mind you will agree that the set of options on offer is nothing but comprehensive. Now I am going to follow the advice The Who gave on their “Sell Out” album: “More music… more music… more music…” In Their Own Words

‘Mix your own charts.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music fans are bound to like the chance to create their own charts and share them with others. I know because I did.

Some Questions About

How many songs can make up a chart?


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