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Blabberize.comDo you want to have fun online by adding a recorded voice to a picture? Would you like to create a simple animated image? If that is so, is just what you are looking for. This site provides you with an online application you can use to edit pictures by adding them a recorded speech. gives you the possibility of editing your pictures by adding them a recorded voice. You can make a video from a photo. Blabberizing pictures consist in editing a picture by adding a record to it, so that it appears to be animated. You can make talk a dog or a monkey.

Are you looking for some entertainment online? Have you heard about Blabberize? If you don’t, you can’t miss this site out. You will find an online application you can use to create animated pictures with your photos. You just have to upload an image and record a message to have it blabberized. In Their Own Words

Alex and I (Mo) launched this site three weeks ago unsure of how it was going to be received. We have now over 2000 wonderful users! Each one of the blabbers that you, our ever so witty users, have created has made the site a joy to wake up to. When Alex and I were making the site we had every intention that we were going to build a site that would allow people to spread smiles. We were just unsure if everyone would pick up on that.

From wives making fun of their husbands, to parents making their newborns say hello, we are so elated at how the site is being used. Seeing new witty blabbers made everyday is a joy and an immense motivator for me. I want to let you all know how thankful I am for each of your E-mails and messages saying how much you enjoy the site. It makes all the hard work worth while.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is surprisingly fun and funny. It reminds me of Will Farrell’s recent comedy sketches with his friend’s young kid. There is nothing complicated or difficult here; you just upload and photo and have fun. Maybe this kind of simple fun is exactly what we all need more of in our lives.

Some Questions About

Do people want to take the time to animate their photos? I admit I was tempted, but then I got distracted. Have they considered linking or partnering with the social networking sites to allow all those teens to animate their photos? Or to allow music? They have lots of time, energy and creativity, and this would allow them to try to differentiate their site from their peers.


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