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Audiolizer.comThere is just no shortage of destinations for those who like to listen to music online, and Audiolizer is the new kid on the block. In principle, it enables you to look up songs in the existing database and listen to them, in the way these services often do.


I threw a few curveballs at it by looking up XTC and the Divine Comedy, and it acquainted itself quite well – for XTC, the results included “Dear God” and “Senses Working Overtime” at the top of the list, whereas “The Divine Comedy” results were a little more arbitrary – they seemed to revolve about the latest albums the band released.

Where the site still has a long way to go is in terms of enabling social elements, as the current dynamics of the system do not make for the sharing of your selections with other internauts. Obviously, this is something that will be addressed in due time.

Another feature that is going to be implemented is a tool for discovering new music via personalized suggestions. This is also a mainstay in most sites of this nature, and it will be a welcome addition to this portal.

For the time, being, you can reach Audiolizer at the provided address and see if you can come across some familiar tunes to enliven this festive season. In Their Own Words

“Listen to streaming music for free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

All the many music lovers out there are certain to relish having a new online destination for indulging themselves.

Some Questions About

When is the next major update coming along?


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