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Ameibo.comRecently launched Ameibo, takes bit torrent downloading and sharing and makes it 100 percent legal. Users go to Ameibo.


com, and have the choice of either renting or purchasing movies from a growing database that are provided directly by legal distributors. Amazingly, not only can you download movies for a decent cost but you can also make money from sharing the movies that you have previously downloaded through Ameibo. If you haven’t got a bit torrent program, you’ll have to download one of the Ameibo approved ones and after that, every time you share a movie with another user, you make money. So, for example, if you buy a movie for $10 and you share 100% of the movie with another user, Ameibo will give you $10. In Their Own Words

“Ameibo is the only website in the world that pays you hard cold cash when you legally share the movies you legally Buy or Rent from them. This wasn’t possible until the hardest working men on the net, Team Ameibo, decided to dedicate themselves to creating the technology that would allow them to track exactly how much of your legally downloaded movie you were legally sharing with other members in the Ameibo community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could be the model that the film industry has been looking for that allows them to make money while at the same time embracing the internet as an ideal form of distribution. In sharing revenue with users, Ameibo has correctly recognized that people generally stop sharing files as soon as they have downloaded them, making it frustrating for others to download. By paying you to keep sharing, Ameibo ensures that all of their movies stay available and that no one gets stuck at 99% of a download.

Some Questions About

How will they succeed in convincing major Hollywood studios to support their site? There are currently very few movies available for upload and until that changes, Ameibo won’t grow. Also, will people pay for movies when they can still download for free, albeit illegally?


Author : Caroline Bright

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