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85by55.comChatRoulette and LinkedIn might be like fire and ice, but sometimes the best startups come from the weirdest of combinations. 85by55 certainly does, as it mixes these two services in order to create something really original. 85by55 is a social service for connecting with random professionals. Registration to this service is free, and when signing up for 85by55 you’ll provide your full professional background. Based on that, 85by55 will look for people you’d might be interested in becoming acquainted with.


The connections itself will be made using a live webcam chat. You and your new business contact will have two minutes to get to know each other. If the person really comes across as a potential new client or someone that could help you take your professional career forward, then you’ll get to add him to your LinkedIn contacts. And then, take everything from there.

85by55 has got an intelligent algorithm that means you won’t come across the same person more than once, and you can also filter results by age, gender, location and industry.

And just in case you wonder, the name of the site is a reference to the usual dimensions of business cards: 85 by 55. It might not be the catchiest name in the world, but it sure is distinctive. In Their Own Words

85by55 is an online, face-to-face speed-networking meeting place that allows you to make new business connections quickly and effectively.

Some Questions About

What if LinkedIn ever offers a service like this one? What would become of this site there and then?


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