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WikiAlarm.comI must admit that more than often I have considered making a contribution of my own to Wikipedia, yet something has always stopped me: the fact that the addition I could make could be so easily modified by others. Of course, I am missing the boat altogether – the idea of a wiki is exactly that.


You make a contribution, and then others are inspired by it and add their own input. Your original data is bound to be modified, yet I think you get what my concern is – are you going to labor hard over something only to have modified by someone who might not have done his homework? That is where a tool like the one under review right now comes in handy.

Generally speaking, WikiAlarm will notify you whenever any of your pages on Wikipedia is modified. It lets you track as many pages as you wish, and these are monitored every hour of the day during the whole week. The e-mails themselves come complete with full visibility on the changes that have been made, too, so that you don’t have to start opening windows manually like crazy in order to keep everything in sight.

When all is said and done, this is useful both for individual users and for enterprises that wish to have a better online reputation management tool. After all, Wikipedia is the port of call for the vast majority of internauts looking for information, and if something therein is wrong it should be rectified as soon as possible. In Their Own Words

“WikiAlarm is the first monitoring service to send email alerts when selected articles are edited on Wikipedia.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who wish to keep track of what is being said and changed in one of the most popular information channels on the Web today will maximize it.

Some Questions About

How is the system implemented when you are monitoring a plethora of pages?


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