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TopFlashWebsites.comFlash has changed the way people enjoy their websites. A well designed flash site can draw in millions of monthly visitors, who just come to the site to see how good it looks.


If you’re looking for the best flash sites on the internet, then look no further than On this surprisingly flash-free site, you’ll be able to find and rate some of the best looking sites on the internet. All you have to do is find the site you like the most and rate it. If you want to further explain yourself, you’ll be able to leave comments. All of this will help the site on their mission: to find the best flash site on the internet. The sites are divided into different categories that make finding them easier. These categories include: business, entertainment, games, and many more. Thanks to this site, there should be nothing stopping you from finding the best flash experience on the net. In Their Own Words

“ lists flash based websites that you can vote and comment on. All sites listed are designed with at least 90% flash.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Flash based sites look great. This site’s extensive database of them should appeal to the flash nut in the family.

Some Questions About

Why not offer reviews on these sites? Aren’t most flash based sites for advertising purposes?


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