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Slinkset.comIf you have ever wanted to create your own social news site, but feared you didn’t have the tech knowledge and background to do it, check out


This new service lets users easily build and customize social news sites with minimal effort and know-how. Creating a site is simple. Users must choose a username and password, title the site, and then decide on a URL. Once the sites have been established, other users can log on and place their votes on posted news stories, causing the stories’ position to move up or down based on popularity. Slinkset site owners have the ability to choose their own custom domain for their site, add RSS feeds to bring traffic to their site quickly, and change the design of the site with just a couple clicks. What’s more, this service is available free of charge, as of now. In Their Own Words

“At Slinkset we think the community is the most important part of a successful social news site. We give you the user complete ownership of your site, therefore giving you the ability to build the type of community you want.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Slinkset is extremely user-friendly, and lets anyone create a social news site, whether or not they possess a great amount of tech know-how. With this tool, users can express themselves, as the basic customizable features allow users to manipulate their site to reflect their purpose and taste.

Some Questions About

Aside from changing basic text appearance, such as logo and font, how can customizable features be further developed to offer users more options? What additional features may be added in the future?


Author : Bill Webb

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