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MyFiveBest.comThis is yet another one of these popular social sites where people can share their opinion on topics of every sort. The actual dynamics of the site involve posting “Top 5” lists for all to see and comment upon.


Note that these lists can focus on bad things, just because the name “Top” is included it does not mean that they have to deal only with the best of the best. For instance, if you want to include a list detailing the top five worst fight sequences in Hollywood you can do it.

The site itself is structured in several categories for easy reference, and these include “Dating & Personal”, “Health & Exercise”, “Shopping” and “Politics”. Moreover, a “Business” category is included, and it will no doubt be quite appealing to those of you who are regular KillerStartups readers.

Other than that, the site operates in the same fashion as these online resources thriving on user-generated content. It is wholly free, too, so that if you feel you have something to express or even settle an old account My Five Best will be a good call. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to! We are all about sharing trivia and opinions on topics of all sorts. Come here to find the best or the worst of anything you can think of! Don’t like an opinion? Share your own ideas. We challenge you to come up with a better set of five!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site stands as an apt spot for expressing one’s point of view and engaging others when doing so.

Some Questions About

What categories are the most active ones from those which are featured?


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