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LittleGrams.comLittleGrams, or Lil’Grams as it’s more affectionately known, is all about babies. Developed by a new father, LilGrams is basically a souped up digital memory book which resembles light communication sites like Twitter and also social networks geared for special interests, e.


g. pets, goals, and food except that your kid is your all and everything. Every minuscule detail, from your kid’s first belch to the tot’s reaction to pea soup, can be tracked and recorded. Categories include Firsts, Food, Growth, Media, Note, and Word. Updates can be transferred to Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr among others with a quick click of the mouse. It’s actually very simple, but it’s also very effective. New parents everywhere are keen to share all the mundane and exciting actions of their little ones, and LilGrams provides just the thing to do so. In Their Own Words

“The most precious moments of your baby’s life are countless – but they only come once. With LittleGrams, you can keep, track, and share anything about your baby.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a clean and very flexible site. There’s a potentially large market for this—basically anyone who has a kid looks for some way to document his/her growth and share it with friends and family. LilGrams could easily be exported for overseas markets, and they could make substantial profits with product tie ins.

Some Questions About

Will LilGrams be easy enough for the most technically challenged parent to use? Will they offer printed, paper books?


Author : Siri Marshall

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