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Personally, I tend to take it with a grain of salt. For example, the other day I finally watched the sci-fi classic “Dune”. The general take on that movie is that it is unwatchable. I have noticed that many people pan it for the mere reason that Sting is part of the cast. Yeah. Sure. That makes the movie unwatchable, right? Or does it? When I watched it last week I was amazed at the special effects. It is quite above the norm for an 80’s film. And the cinematography was very convincing. If we go by what the crowd thinks, we will get only one part of the story. The other is our part. One does not cancel the other out. They work in parallel.

This site brought all that to mind for the reason that it lets you make a bet and then let the crowd decide on the outcome. These range from “The fashion industry is responsible for the rise in eating disorders” to “Downloading music for free off the internet is stealing” to all points and topics in between. In every case, two possible answers are given and you pick the one you deem as accurate

Resources like this one are interesting for sure. Whether you should go just by them is left to question, but if all you want is to brag to your friends about being right all along just post your argument and put aside your punching bag. In Their Own Words

“Flusta is a place for people from around the web to bet on anything they like, from current hot topics to the most obscure questions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

You can find the answer to some dilemmas through it for sure, and also put it to some leisure uses.

Some Questions About

Who monitors what is posted on the site? Can you report inappropriate content?


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