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Bumblehood.comThis is another of these increasingly-popular community resources that aims to collect insight from people all over the world and present it to any person who might need it in an easy-to-access context. In this particular case, it aims to become a knowledge base that takes into account businesses spread all over the globe and lets you know where it is they are located, what they do exactly, and what customers have to say about them.


This information is actually semantically classified, so that any search that you perform will have a contextual value to it, and yield more relevant results that a search executed just by keyword matching.

The page for any company or venture that you look up includes information like the opening hours in addition to a Google Map that you can zoom in and out at will. The page even details your options when it comes to public transport, so that you will know how to get there should you like the description and feel it merits a visit in person.

Future plans include building knowledge bases for other fields such as music and movies. For the time being, you can resort to this one database when knowing anything about any company the world over is what you need. In Their Own Words

“The free travel guides and business reviews anyone can contribute, organize and print.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Once the site gains popularity, it can stand as a very valuable online source of information indeed.

Some Questions About

Who will monitor the veracity of the contents that are provided by users?


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