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AltUse.comThis brand-new online resource revolves around alternative uses for everyday items. Site visitors can search, post, rank, and share ideas for extending the lifecycle of products they use on a daily basis, and interact with each other on the spot.


The site features a patent-pending algorithm that rates each alternative use submitted. This enables a simple comparison of the functional value of a particular AltUse in relation to other submitted AltUses. This means that an AltUse that has attained a score of four stars is deemed as superior to an AltUse which has scored only three. aims to stand as the primary venue for the promotion of alternative uses for commercial products on the Internet. It motivates the discovery of new and clever ways to save money, and these days that is something which never goes amiss. It also empowers average citizens to feel like they’re making a difference in the battle against climate change, so it can be said that it serves two commendable purposes at the same time. In Their Own Words

“At, we believe that less can truly be more. That’s why we set out to create a worldwide repository of alternative uses to extend the utility of everyday products. In an age of financial hardship, perilous climate change, and overflowing landfills, we offer a smart, comprehensive system to tap into the collective intellectual capital of the planet in order to discover and share valuable recycle and reuse strategies. We enable site visitors to save money, and to help save the environment, by putting their stuff to work in new ways. offers a catalyst for change in the business world by challenging the notion of marketing products for one specific purpose. We seek to increase manufacturing efficiency and product quality, while cutting down on unnecessary waste. Ultimately, the AltUse brand name will become a noun a la ‘Kleenex’, or a verb such as ‘Google’, (ie: What’s the AltUse?). The secret sauce of our wiki style site, a proprietary algorithm, simplifies access to the best alternative uses. The code is written in Open Source to facilitate extendibility.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site offers a novel approach to save money and the environment at the very same time. As such, it will resonate with many an internaut out there.

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