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Ugame.netFresh out of private beta mode, the much anticipated launch of UGAME, a social network for gamers has finally occurred. The site is intended to serve as a space where gamers can go to share their scores, meet other gamers with similar tastes, join teams and also post blogs and pictures of their finest gaming moments.


The site is packed with categories and tabs which include specific sections for the most popular games, a teams/guilds section, and forums. The most popular games and threads along with the newest games and threads are published on the home page while the right side of said page is dedicated to user updates in various formats. In Their Own Words

UGAME is a social network that connects gamers with their friends and likeminded people to enhance their online gaming experience. People use UGAME to keep up with friends, upload photos, share configs and videos, organize games, support their favourite teams/guilds and manage their online gaming life.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is sure to be a hit with hardcore gamers around the world. It is open enough to allow gamers to express themselves as they see fit while at the same time providing enough structure to keep thinks manageable.

Some Questions About

While they seem to be doing everything right this is an incredibly crowded space which will eventually shrink in number. Will UGAME be able to attract a critical mass before their competition do?


Author : Caroline Bright

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