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StudyBlue.comSocial sites for students have been around for longer than some people realize. As a matter of fact, Facebook started as one.


It changed into the behemoth it is today along the way, and the fact that a lite version is underway does nothing but showcase how much it escalated.

In the case of Study Blue, the emphasis will always stay within the study side. It enables classmates to gather together, and collaborate with each other by asking and answering questions. Besides, features like smart cards to exercise are provided along with reminders and quizzes. It is even possible to become an “official” online tutor and help others that way.

An iPhone app is likewise included for you to access your notes and the database of reference materials when you are away from your desktop.

This app is available for those who go for the Premium plan. This plan also gives the user access to a bigger database (over 1,000,000 articles and counting) which is actually updated on a daily basis.

In finishing, while StudyBlue does not make getting these elusive grades a piece of cake (nothing can – that is up to you), it definitely makes the process a more enjoyable and fulfilling one. And that makes it worth a definitive look. In Their Own Words

“ is an online academic network available to students and teachers at both high schools and colleges. The Web service provides a variety of study and organizational aids, course management features, academic networking capabilities and other functions to assist students in improving their academic performance and help them study more efficiently. These tools also allow users to become part of a class-based, online, academic network helping them learn from each other through collaboration.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Students are among the most active user groups on the Internet. This network has a ready audience, and the fact that it is full of useful features give it even more oomph.

Some Questions About

How much does the premium plan cost? Is it the only paid plan available?


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